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All the tools you need to organize health barriers and respect social distancing!

COVID-19: Are you looking for products to help enforce social distancing measures in your company? The continuity or resumption of activity must be accompanied by the respect of barrier gestures and the implementation of new safety instructions and rules.

In order to help companies to implement safety instructions, SESA SYSTEMS has developed a new range of specific products. This range includes protective walls for counters and offices, hygienic protective visors or safety distance strips and pictograms.

Improve the flow of people of employees and visitors as well with a choice of barriers and posts and communicate on reminders of barrier gestures with social distancing display supports.

Discover the range
Produits de protection Covid-19

Protection walls, protective visors and hydroalcoholic gel

In companies, whether in the office or in the production environment, contacts with colleagues are numerous, frequent and habitual. Whether you go to see a colleague to ask for a document, hold a group meeting or meet at the coffee machine or for lunch, these are all risks of spreading the virus.
Thanks to the walls, protective visors and hydroalcoholic gel, you can count on an effective bulwark against viruses.

Fences and posts

Thanks to the barriers and posts, you can easily delimit areas to restrict or organize passage.

Social distancing and security display

Thanks to the social distancing and safety distance display, you will be able to remind barrier gestures throughout your premises and display the procedures required to comply with the new standards.

Advantages and goals of these tools

These products are intended to be effective and fast solutions for signage, floor and wall marking, personal protection, signage and zone delimitation for adequate social distancing.

Each of these social distancing tools is in line with health recommendations.

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Our Social Distancing posters for floor and walls are easy to install.
  • EXTREMELY SUSTAINABLE: Our security products are designed for indoor use and can be installed in areas that will be cleaned frequently.
  • PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS: These floor signs help protect your business, staff and customers by providing a safe working environment.
  • VISIBLE: Effective visual reminders. Our floor signs will not be altered by UV light. The products can be installed on smooth surfaces: floors, walls, doors, mirrors, etc.

Organizing Back to Work Safely Efficiently and Creatively: Perspectives from Continuous Improvement

Organizing Back to Work Safely Efficiently and Creatively: Perspectives from Continuous Improvement

In order to protect yourself and others, we present a webinar on how to properly apply barrier gestures in the workplace. Through it, you will discover various products for social distancing, protection and signage.

Watch now!

Catalogue spécial Covid-19

Indication, Marking, Safety

In our "Indication, Marking, Safety" catalogue, discover all our products and solutions for implementing "barrier" gestures as well as physical distancing measures that are necessary in the current context of a global pandemic.
More than 150 references grouping together solutions for production areas as well as offices to help you ensure the safety of your employees.

Download the catalogue