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Electrical industrial workstation | QUALIPOST 620 ERGO

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  • Electrical industrial workstation | QUALIPOST 620 ERGO

  • Electric and ergonomic workstation adjustable in height (775 - 1300 mm) thanks to its 2 telescopic columns
  • Easy and quick adjustment thanks to its remote control fixed under the tray, quickly changes position: sitting to standing in less than 10 seconds
  • Can support loads up to 100 kg for all 2 platform dimensions (900 and 1200 mm)
  • Designed to accommodate all the accessories of the QUALIPOST range, fully customizable station
  • Electric workstations promote a dynamic and fully adapted position to reduce stress, TMS and increase productivity
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Product Description
The QUALIPOST 620 ERGO height adjustable workshop electric workstation offers optimal conditions for improving working conditions and performance in workshops. The operator can adjust the height of his worktop and adopt the best working position according to his needs to reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). He quickly switches to sitting or sitting or standing. The ergonomics of this sit-stand workstation is maximized with the use of ergonomic seats and stools. Equipped with an anodized and grooved aluminum frame and white painted sheet metal, this electric workstation combines comfort of use with the attachment of accessories and visual communication with the display of magnetic document holders. The ergonomic workshop station is an effective way to help reduce the arduousness of tasks and thus boost productivity and daily performance with more safety and comfort at work.
Technical specifications
Tags Lean Manufacturing,Industrie,Production,Atelier,Assemblage,Conditionnement,Électrique,Qualité,Ergonomie
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Workshop seat | WORKSHOP SEAT A

Stability with the 5-star base. Polyurethane seat (washable,...

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Workshop standing seat with backrest | WORKSHOP STANDING SEAT C

The user's legs are naturally stretched, the operator gets up...

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Steel compartment with 5 levels capacity

This 5-level steel rack can be mounted on an aluminium profile....

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Steel binder holder with 3 compartments

This file holder can be fixed on an aluminium profile and can...

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PVC storage box with 5 drawers

Storage block PVC W 285 x D 380 x H 220 mm with 5 drawers H 35...

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Workshop standing seat with backrest | WORKSHOP STANDING SEAT C

The user's legs are naturally stretched, the operator gets up...

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Design headband "QUALITY POINT"

This design banner makes it possible to highlight your visual...

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Lower shelf

Additional height-adjustable lower

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Upper shelf

Top shelf P 300 mm height

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Multifunctional aluminium rail

Multifunctional aluminium

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LED lighting for workstations

LED lighting for

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Housing with lock for QUALIPOST 600

Upper cabinet 125 L556 mm mm with 1 drawer H 90 mm and lock,...

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Wall bracket with pivot sleeves | DOCAFLEX WALL-MOUNTED

This wall kit can be fixed on a wall, on an articulated arm or...

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Hand towel kit

Hand towel

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Roulettes pivotantes avec frein Ø 75-100 mm

Kit de 2,3,4,5,6 roulettes pivotantes avec frein Ø 75-100

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Keyboard drawer for QUALIPOST 600

Keyboard drawer Top 125, L556 mm, 1 drawer H 90

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Rechargeable 220V battery

Rechargeable battery for electrical workstations. It has an...

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Electrical workshop trolley | LEANPOST 300 ERGO

The LEANPOST 300 ERGO mobile electric trolley unit with bin...

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Constant level workshop plastic parts bin trolley | LEANPOST 400 ERGO

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Control console

This control panel with digital display allows you to display...

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5-way power strip with power switch

Electric ramp 5 outlets 220 volts and indicator switch, power...

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