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SESA SYSTEMS floor marking, safety and signaling line enables you to organize and identify areas in your space. Being able to identify potentially dangerous areas helps to prevent accidents and reduce risks. Floor marking makes it possible to define areas and places in your warehouses, in particular to avoid cluttering. Different types of marking and display such as the warning tape, pictograms, signage banners or panels are tailored to support the same goals. Corridors in which hazards are clearly identified and indicated have a reduced risk of tripping and accidents. This product line also enables you to deliver safety instructions, communicate what is prohibited, improve safety, enhance working conditions of operators, and to sustain the 5S approach within your organization.

How does the warning tape help you keep your workshops well-organized according to the 5S principles?

The industrial adhesive warning tape highlights the layout of workshops and warehouses. The goal is to allocate an area to each mobile equipment and to keep enough space available so that operators and vehicles can move safely. To do this, SESA SYSTEMS provides different types and colors of resistant adhesive warning tapes. Other forms of marking such as adhesive pads or adhesive angles can also be used. The lifespan of these products depends on the type of floor and how often operators step or roll on the markings. Once the area has been defined, operators just need to respect the signage and place the elements within the markings so that the aisles always remain unobstructed.

Industrial safety, a major challenge for production sites

Risk analysis and implementation of safety procedures in the industry is a real issue. Employers have numerous Health & Safety regulations to comply with and must always be ready for an audit. Signaling hazard areas is one of those requirements. To help you indicate hazardous areas, SESA SYSTEMS provides a full range of lighted signs, adhesive and magnetic pictograms and safety display racks. They enable you to clearly identify dangers and to keep your site in compliance with regulations.

Simplified tracking of different services thanks to frames and signage banners

If your premises are organized around islands, it can be useful to identify them with signage banners or posters frames. These let you know at first glance which island is in charge of which activities. Newcomers will find their way more easily in your offices and workshops. Your offices and workshops will look more orderly to customers and visitors, which will promote your organization’s brand image. SESA SYSTEMS provides standard banners that indicate your site’s main areas such as quality point, production, information point etc. These banners can also be customized to suit your needs. For offices, in a LEAN Office approach, SESA SYSTEMS also supplies door labels that can be used to identify different rooms and offices.