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Risk prevention and a secure work environment is essential for employee safety and optimal productivity. Industrial safety is an aspect of risk management and requires proper signage, protective equipment, instruction plaques, and a mastery of potential risks.

Adhesive or magnetic safety signage pictograms

Our range of signage includes pictograms for prevention, caution, obligation, and protection. They come with magnetic or adhesive backings, and are easy to install on a workstation or in your workplace. With visual signage, work accidents are minimized, and corporate security is increased. This results in a strong team of employees in your workplace.

Illuminated traffic signs: an industrial safety communication system.

The risk of accidents is higher in workplaces where equipment is used. In these environments, communication is essential to increase safety. LED light panels turn on when an object or person is detected near that panel, alerting themselves and others of potential danger.

Industrial protective foam: essential safety equipment in the workplace.

Industrial safety encompasses protecting factory equipment to avoid collisions during machine operations, and minimize potential injury from protruding corners. Industrial protective foam mitigates these risks by absorbing any impacts and protects the work environment. Yellow and black bumpers signal existing danger.

A security display to communicate information and minimize risk.

Using display media helps employees know how to react in dangerous situations. These displays highlight various documents and send information to reduce work accidents.