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In most industries, operators use products, components or tools which can be a hazard, both for the user and people nearby. This hazard can also be caused by a zone rather than a specific item. This is notably the case in warehouses where forklifts and other workplace vehicles are used. These industrial companies must analyse proven or plausible risks and deploy all means possible to combat potential accidents and limit these risks. This is known as industrial safety and it is a legal obligation for companies exposed to these risks. Marking and signs are two effective means to prevent a risk or hazard. Marking out zones and restricting access to authorised individuals is a good way to prevent these risks. Signs are very often used to indicate requirements or hazardous zones, specifically by using panels. SESA SYSTEMS offers overhead light panels to protect operators.

Light panels for increased efficiency in industry

The benefit of these light panels compared to traditional panels is the fact that like road signs, the light draws the eye better than a panel which cannot be seen. These panels are also a good way to implement the 5S approach in a company, by better organising the safety of the working environment. This is part of a quality initiative. In addition, these panels are two-sided and can therefore be positioned in a corridor and viewed from both sides.

A wide range of products to implement industrial safety

In addition to the light panels, SESA SYSTEMS offers other sign panels and different floor marking products to implement rigorous and effective industrial safety at your premises. Discover our full range to implement a LEAN Manufacturing initiative in your company!