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The industrial protective foam is a high-quality yellow and black foam used to make something visible to improve company safety. This product improves safety at a facility, as the shockproof protective foam is attached to an angle, rack or sharp edges and prevents any risk of potential occupational accidents.

Protective profiles, visual foam product

SESA SYSTEMS offers 2 types of industrial foam, a flexible foam profile with a 25 mm opening to fit it easily onto any angle and a set of foam plates measuring 1190 mm long and 100 to 250 mm wide. This range of products has the same functionalities, i.e. minimising collisions. The yellow and black shock absorbers are easily visible to prevent potential risks. This sign and safety system is stuck to racks, angles and sharp edges. The protective profiles and shock absorber strips are also flexible, making them easy to install.

Industrial zone safety using shockproof protective foams

Safety is an increasingly important topic in companies and it has its benefits, such as reducing occupational accidents, creating a comfortable environment for employees and making production more efficient. Industrial protective foams are an ideal product to achieve this result. These shock absorbers are attached to columns, absorbing potential shocks during a collision, limiting equipment damage, protecting staff from machines and sharp edges, and limiting potential injuries when employees are working. Shockproof foam is an industrial safety foam to improve performance and company production.