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Industrial magnetic signs are products used for visual communication and to improve company performance. Each sign indicates a specific message to improve the working environment and prevent any occupational risk or accident. The magnetic panels have a specific colour code. Blue indicates an obligation, yellow prevention, red a hazard and green the environment.

Magnetic signs to improve and secure an industrial environment

Every company experiences many industrial risks every day, involving both employees and machinery. To avoid occupational accidents, magnetic safety signs are used, but also mandatory requirement icons to remind the employee to wear personal protective equipment such as a jacket, helmet or goggles when working. The same applies for environmental icons which aim to raise awareness of protection and respect of nature and the working environment. The sign symbols are not the only magnetic signs. There are also magnetic visual key performance indicators, called VISIOFLASH - VISIO refers to view and FLASH represents speed and efficiency. The purpose of this product is to share simple, clear and easy to read information on production, company operations... It is an assistance tool improving staff motivation by setting daily or weekly objectives.

Display materials to share information effectively using magnetic signs

SESA SYSTEMS has designed safety and environmental display materials to group icons together on the same board. The information is found in the same location, making it more visible. This makes it easier to create a visual communication space within an industrial setting. To ensure the system works successfully, it is vital that operators are made aware of messages in a very simple and effective manner. A message which fails to get across will have little impact on operators, and therefore little effect on occupational accidents and industrial safety and consequently on company production.