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Signage is essential in all businesses. When marked on the ground, it visually structures factories work environment. Adhesive tapes for industrial marking are used to inform, warn, secure, and mark off places such as areas dedicated to storage, production, pedestrians, and traffic lanes.

Industrial adhesive tapes are essential visual cues for the safety of your employees.

A range of adhesive rollers for standard signage comes in a rich color scheme. For effective and regulatory identification (according to the 4 November 1993 decree) of industrial floor signage, you must know the codifications of the main colors:

  • Rolls of red or red and white colors are used to indicate areas to be kept clear for safety/compliance reasons (do not enter zone).
  • Yellow, yellow and black adhesive tapes are warnings and dangers. They call for alertness.
  • Blue ground markings are for advisory, protection, and caution areas.
  • Green is used to indicate information and directions (the defibrillator for example).
  • The orange marks chemical storage area.
  • The white floor signage is a general marking (pedestrian zones or a new aisleway).

Our adhesive floor-marking rollers adapt to your industrial environment

We offer several types of industrial adhesive tapes to match your industrial floors. Choose the correct adhesive tape by knowing two elements: the nature of the ground (smooth, porous, oily, etc) and the traffic (frequent passage, trolley, pedestrian , etc). There are three choices, each with a different resistance:

  • Standard: suitable for smooth, clean floors
  • Reinforced: ideal for work environments with moderate use of forklifts.
  • Extra: for work environments subject to harsh conditions, optimal for porous or uneven floors.

Secure your workshops with additional SESA SYSTEMS products dedicated to industrial safety.

To reinforce the safety in your workshops and to preserve the health of your employees, we have many complementary products such as adhesive pictograms, protective foams, safety display racks, and danger warning signs for the workplace. The use of ground marking is part of the LEAN methods and 5S floor marking.