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In the digital era, an increasing number of companies depend solely on digital for their everyday operations. This change came from the US and arrived in Europe several years ago, and is now developing even further in European companies. Various new business sectors have emerged thanks to the internet and digital. In some start-ups, employees only need a computer to work. IT has also been significantly developed in industry, particularly to simplify production and control processes. Thanks to major hardware and software innovations, computer hardware and applications are now available which have significantly simplified production and allow your company to play a part in the era of Industry 4.0. SESA SYSTEMS offers different applications which you can easily implement within your company.

SESAHUB, a platform revolutionising Digital Visual Management compatible with all your screens.

SESAHUB is a platform to gather different information from your entire production chain in the same location, accessible from all your connected screens. Flows from different production figures are aggregated in the application, providing you with an overview of different indicators as well as simplified Digital Visual Management. SESAHUB is compatible with all digital screens offered by SESA SYSTEMS, so this application can be accessed from any screen within the company. SESAHUB is made up of the following nine modules: Dashboard, documents, meetings, maintenance, project management, company operations, continuous improvement, management and training.

Software designed to simplify your life and use equipment efficiently.

In addition to SESAHUB, SESA SYSTEMS also offers other applications, such as a design and printing assistance tool, SESA PRINT, allowing you to print your labels in the desired format or software to manage the circulation of your messages on your E-LEANBOARD screens. Thanks to SESA SYSTEMS, you can easily bring your company into the era of Industry 4.0, so come and discover our solutions to modernise your company.