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Like the traditional whiteboard, the interactive whiteboard (TBI) is part of Digital Visual Management approach. Indispensable tool for factories of the future, the E-ACTIVBOARD interactive whiteboard is versatile. You can write using an erasable marker on the entire surface of the board, as on a classic whiteboard. You can even display magnetic accessories, as the interactive whiteboard is magnetic! Want to be even more efficient? Switch to interactive mode and turn your tactile E-ACTIVBOARD into a real interactive screen: work together with team members thanks to a fast and efficient technology that allows up to 10 points of contact simultaneously, either with your finger or a stylus. Finally, you can use the interactive whiteboard as a projection surface, using a computer and an interactive video projector. Finally, this solution enables you, by simply touching the board, to navigate on your computer and / or modify and save documents.

Boost your team meetings and training sessions with the interactive whiteboard

This interactive whiteboard enables you to apply Digital Visual Management in your company. This brings your Visual Management into the digital world. It helps you share information more easily and even faster. It enables employees at all levels and from all departments to access information instantly and to make decisions in real time. Displaying objectives and KPIs in real time on a daily basis reinforces continuous improvement potential in your company. The interactive whiteboard benefits your team meetings and training sessions in many ways. Content can be shown and viewed by all employees in real-time. The interactive whiteboard is an excellent collaborative tool, because it makes collaboration more dynamic and user-friendly. It encourages knowledge sharing and the exchange of ideas. It promotes faster, more collective, decision-making. This interactive whiteboard also makes our APPROACH training game sessions even more playful, which leads to more employee engagement in the learning process: it makes pedagogy interactive.
The E-ACTIVBOARD is a practical and essential 3-in-1 solution for your business!

Complementary technologies for a connected environment

The INDUSTRIE 4.0 product range includes additional connected digital products that can energize your workplace. Select our interactive video projector to transform any surface into an interactive surface. Do you want a surface that is both tactile and mobile? Choose an E-MEETING interactive screen! If you want to go even further, SESA SYSTEMS can provide you with a web-application that enables you to collect and disseminate information on all our digital screens: SESA HUB.
Finally, you should also consider equipping your meeting rooms with E-PAPERBOARD, the supreme digital and collaborative tool for brainstorming sessions.