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Professional office furniture for optimal ergonomics and comfort

Discover the whole range

Professional office furniture, a range dedicated to ergonomics, storage and efficiency

In offices as in workshops, ergonomics takes a prominent place. Indeed, it is essential for workstations to be as ergonomic as possible. Lacking workstation ergonomics can quickly result in decreased productivity due to unsuitable equipment. In the longer term, it can also lead to pain and Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) which can cause absences and disrupt operations.
Ergonomic equipment is a major concern for companies, because comfortable and well-organized workspaces make employees more efficient and more productive.
Office ergonomics can be set up thanks to specially designed ergonomic office furniture.

SESA SYSTEMS manufactures ergonomic office furniture since 1990

Since 1990, SESA SYSTEMS has been designing and manufacturing designer-style and ergonomic office furniture that suits any type of business. As a result, you can find in our catalog all the office furniture you need.
Our range of ergonomic desks is designed to best suit the user. We even provide electric height-adjustable desks for perfect ergonomics.
Our range of office chairs includes different types of height-adjustable seats, with or without armrests, and even an ergonomic balloon seat that promotes movement.
Our range of office storage cabinets includes cabinets with different visual storage compartments.
Our creativity space range includes items necessary for the set up of brainstorming sessions, to help your team think creatively about various themes.
Our range of reception furniture enables you to design a modern, designer-style reception area.
Display cabinets enable you to highlight your best products and to know at a glance where each item is stored, thanks to transparent windows.
Multimedia kiosks are specially designed to meet the growing need to digitize reception areas. LED office lights allow you to bring extra lighting to your premises, to prevent eye strain.

Employees are more efficient with clever and well-ordered office furniture

All your documents, equipment and accessories can be intelligently stored and organized if you have adequate office furniture. You will no longer waste time searching for a pen or a specific document. Everything will be well organized and at its place.
This is the basic principle of the 5S method. This method consists of organizing a clean, clear and well-ordered workspace according to 5 main pillars: SEIRI (Sort), SEITON (Set), SEISO (Shine), SEIKETSU (Standardize), SHITSUKE (Sustain). When properly applied, this LEAN Management method for workshops and offices optimizes working conditions, which increases productivity and limits downtime.
When applied in an industrial workshop, 5S is part of the LEAN Manufacturing approach. When applied in offices, 5S is part of the LEAN Office approach.

Office ergonomics Quadros magnéticos, indispensáveis ​​para reuniões