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Promote Efficiency

An efficient production site must be well-organized and stocked with ergonomic workstations that adapt to the work environment; SESA SYSTEMS is an ergonomic workshop furniture and Lean equipment manufacturer that offers a variety of ergonomic, modular,industrial workbenches. Our workbenches optimize work organization alongside Lean management methods with an aluminum profile structure that can be customized with accessories.

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Control Production Quality

In an industrial environment, quality control workstations help monitor the production quality of manufactured products; product quality must be checked and documented according to standard procedures, which is why SESA SYSTEMS has specially designed a workstation for optimizing quality monitoring and checking.

Quality Control Workstations

Our ergonomic quality control workstations adapt according to your workplace needs. Hang procedure sheets on the magnetic structure or use our document holders, slant boards, or document protectors to add extra protection and durability to your important papers. Store files, books, 5S cleaning tools, and other materials in the workstation’s lower storage compartment. For confidential documents and procedures, use the lockable protective curtain to keep contents hidden and secure. Customize and personalize your grooved aluminum quality control workstations with a variety of accessories.

Explore Our Range of Quality Control Stations

Adjustable Height Workbenches

Practicing ergonomics in a production environment increases both work efficiency and workplace ethics; an adjustable height workbench reduces the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Painful back problems caused by MSD inhibit employees’ well-being and ability to work, making an ergonomic work environment essential for any workplace. Our adjustable height workbenches allow an operator to change positions and choose whether to sit or stand throughout the workday, helping prevent MSD-related issues from forming or worsening.


SESA SYSTEMS is dedicated to consistently designing new workshop furniture with the goal of goal of continuously improving industrial and craft companies. Workbenches have received technological upgrades, including telescopic columns that allow for electronic height adjustment; the height can be adjusted in under 10 seconds with a control panel underneath, allowing the operator to quickly shift from a seated to standing position. The workbench also supports up to 170lbs (80 kg) each. Adjustable height workbenches are an essential piece of equipment for increasing employee comfort and efficiency.

Browse Our Adjustable Height Workbenches

Stainless Steel Workstations for Wet Environments

The agri-food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries deal with wet production environments and adhere to very strict hygiene standards. Stainless steel, an anti-corrosive material composed of steel and chromium, is ideal for humid environments since it doesn’t rust. We have developed a range of Stainless Steel workstations that include quality control, TPM, computer, and cleaning stations.

Explore Our Stainless Steel Workstations

TPM Shop Desks for Industry Maintenance

Production sites create all kinds of waste. Lean philosophy attempts to reduce this waste, called MUDA, by encouraging regular workstation maintenance. The TPM method, Total Productive Maintenance, encourages placing TPM shop desks close to workstations for convenient repairs. Our TPM shop desks help improve workshop organization and technical repairs in order to keep the production line running smoothly. Incorporating metal pegboards for tool storage near-production machines and assembly lines facilitates and streamlines an operator's work. Our TPM shop desks are also mobile so that maintenance work can be taken with you from workstation to workstation.

SESA SYSTEMS Workstations

Our workstations provide workers with a sturdy and spacious work area. The tabletops come with a rubber or laminate protective coating that prevents damage during production. Our workstations support a load of up to 1700lbs (800 kg) and include a perforated backboard for storing tools. Our industrial modular workstations can also be customized with accessories.

Browse Our Shop Desks and Workstations

Protect Your Equipment With Our Computer Workstations

More and more workstations now include computers, but it’s not always easy to properly protect equipment in an industrial environment. With risks such as liquid projections, dust, and shocks threatening to damage electronic equipment, we have designed computer workstations with metal protection boxes that shield equipment from outside damage. Our computer workstations include a filter ventilation kit, lower shelves, and cabinet space to store printers, files, or other materials.

Browse Our Computer Workstations

Can't Find What You Need? Design Your Own!

SESA SYSTEMS can manufacture a custom workstation that suits your company’s needs. Customize a variety of our industrial modular workstations to create your own personalized product. It’s simple: choose your structure (a workbench, workstation with a rear base, table, lower storage, etc.) then personalize your workstation with a variety of accessories. Because the structure is made from an aluminum profile, it is easy to accessorize your workstation with top frames, hook holders, lights, shelves, swivel arms, drawers, pegboards, etc. You decide what you need for your personalized workstation.

Browse Our Industrial Modular Workstations

Ergonomically Organize Your Work Environment

Having an ergonomic workstation is great, but it's even better to apply ergonomics to the entire workplace. Complete your adjustable height workstation with a standing desk seat or anti-fatigue floor mats for better posture. Use our visual management tools to promote organization and convey messages at a glance: indicate where to store tools, where to find quality control workstations, or mark hazardous locations. For an optimal operational production workshop, we recommend adding floor signs and informative signage to workstations. Let us help you create a safe, organized, efficient, and ergonomic production site