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Showcase your best products by presenting them in a transparent display case

Discover the complete range

Why choose to install transparent display cases rather than classic cabinets?

If your company hosts visitors, such as customers, suppliers, applicants, auditors, or others, it is essential to give them the best impression possible of your establishment. It is important to project an image of a well-organized company by keeping your premises clean and tidy, following the 5S method. It is also important to showcase your best products, those you are proudest of, and those which will attract the interest of your visitors. With this in mind, rather than store your items in a regular cabinet, why don’t you showcase them in a transparent display case in your reception area, showroom, or meeting room?
Transparent display cases are also useful for Visual Management and business efficiency. By keeping your items visible, you and your colleagues can immediately find a file or any item without wasting time searching. Transparent cabinets are a time saver. They are very advantageous compared to opaque cabinets.

Transparent display cases from SESA SYSTEMS, the perfect solution to showcase your products

We looked for the best way to show our own products to customers. That led us to the development of a range of transparent display cases, which we now use in our showroom.
Display cases are available in various sizes and shapes. This lets you select display cabinets based on what you need to display, and where you need it. For example, the triangular display case “D” can fit into an angle and optimizes the use of space. On the other hand, the DEFPOST 200 display case is available both on legs or wall mounted. Its white sheet metallic back can accommodate various magnetic accessories. Display cabinet “A” has an opaque compartment to store more confidential documents. In addition, our transparent display cases can be locked for more security. We have display cases to satisfy any of your needs.

Transparent display cases support the 5S method implementation

The 5S method is a Japanese workspace optimization approach based on 5 pillars: Seiri (Sort), Seiton (Set), Seiso (Shine), Seiketsu (Standardize) and Shitsuke (Sustain). The general idea is that it is more pleasant and easier to work in a clean, tidy and well organized environment where everything is in its place. Transparent display cases contribute to the 5S method because they help keep your workplace orderly, without wasting time searching for your items when you need them. In standard cabinets, misplaced or disorganized items can be hidden. Transparent cabinets make everything visible, which forces team members to keep cabinets well organized.
The 5S method is a powerful LEAN Management approach to support your company performance.