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Sit-stand stools in workshops improve employee posture

In an industrial environment, sit-stand stools are indispensable. It is not uncommon for employees to feel physical pain, especially in the back. These pains can be caused by the same posture for a long time. Called musculoskeletal disorders, these diseases are dangerous for your health, especially on the long run. That's why it is important to adapt one's working environment to make it ergonomic. On average, we spend 9 hours in a sitting position in a day. We vary between the car seat, the chair at work, the cafeteria stool or the sofa. All these postures force the body to adapt. Humans are not made to sit for that long!

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Industrial workstation with a standing seat

How do you choose the right standing seat for your daily work?

Choosing a sitting/standing stool is not easy. Each of our equipment has been designed to optimize the posture and the efficiency of the collaborator. We want to offer a comfortable posture to our employees. This is achieved thanks to seats with adjustable seat height.

The 4 steps to choose your ergonomic standing position

To complete your height-adjustable workstation and for better ergonomics, it is important to select the right seat. Even in production, the quality of work chairs should not be neglected. This plays an important role in the well-being of the employees.

Your seat must take in consideration your physical characteristics: weight and height.

Take into consideration the type of work performed: repetitive movements and prolonged immobile positions.

Determine your working environment: wet or dry atmosphere, the type of floor, height of the work surface, compatibility with your workstation, etc. Depending on the environment, choose a seating that is easy to maintain and clean, especially if it is for an industrial environment.

What type of seating do you need: office chair, workshop stool (lien vers la catégorie ou futur landing page) or stand-up seat?

The stand-up seats promote a dynamic sitting posture. The distribution of body weight is 50% on the saddle-shaped seat and 50% on the legs.

Classic workshop or office chairs promote complete posture support with the possibility of adding accessories (armrests, wheels). This time the body weight is distributed 80% on the seat and only 20% on the legs. These seats will be preferred for people who are in a static position and perform manual or office operations while facing the task for a prolonged period of time. There is therefore a different distribution of body weight, less dynamic but just as comfortable and ergonomic.

Characteristics of SESA SYSTEMS stand-up seats

Workshop stools can be with or without backrest. The backrest provides lumbar support when needed. In some situations it is essential to have a stable support to carry out specific manipulations. This standing stool with backrest is for interventions that do not require a fully seated position.
The seat of all workshop seats is reclining. This feature helps distribute body weight. One part is supported by the seat and the other part of the weight is supported by the feet.

Polyurethane is an impact-resistant or tear-resistant material. Industrial environments are subject to these risks and to the projection of liquids and solvents. For this reason, the height-adjustable seat is made of polyurethane and can support a load of up to 120 kg. Easy to wash, the SESA SYSTEMS standing stools are ideal for all production workshops.
In a context of continuous improvement, it is possible to add a footrest compatible with our entire range of sit-stand stools. Easy to integrate and adjustable in height, this accessory improves the ergonomics of the stool.

The height-adjustable workshop stools from SESA SYSTEMS

In the production environment, standing stools play an important role. An effective employee is a healthy person and naturally a person without MSDs. For this purpose, SESA SYSTEMS offers a range of height-adjustable seats. These professional equipments reduce the user's fatigue while leaving him free of his movements. The seat is adjustable in height by sliding it on the aluminium rail. Easy to change thanks to a thumbwheel, the height can be varied up to 350 mm. This makes it possible to use the workshop stool in a sitting or semi-standing position.

Ergonomics and Lean for Operational Excellence White Paper

Benefit of height-adjustable stand-up seats

Multiple work environments require standards and postural constraints. Behind a workstation, a production line, a quality station or a laboratory bench, employees are subjected to a standing position for a long period of time. In the long term, musculoskeletal disorders appear and cause damage to the employee's health, sometimes irreversibly. Sit-stand stools reduce exposure to these health problems by relieving the body. The advantage of using a height-adjustable stool is that it gives a straight posture at the height of the work surface. Seating offers the possibility to keep the feet on the floor in order to support the spine while maintaining dynamism and freedom of movement. Reducing fatigue, the workshop seats are ergonomic.

Download the white paper

Create your ergonomic work environment in an industrial context

Having a standing seat is a first step towards creating an ergonomic work environment. Would you like to increase the efficiency of your employees? Offer them the best working conditions. That means a modular and height-adjustable workstation. This workshop furniture is used to make tools quickly accessible in a visual way but also to tidy up and organise one's workstation following the 5S method. The worktop is height adjustable to follow the continuation of the seat. An ergonomic mat placed under this workstation reduces employee fatigue by reducing effort. Don't wait any longer to offer operators a fully adapted working environment with ergonomic workstations, the health of your employees and the productivity of your company are at stake.