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The communication of information and data is essential in an industrial company.

With carbonless notebooks, employees will quickly record information as they work. They are designed to be used quickly, simply, and efficiently and in a way that engages all employees. There are several different types of logbooks that support quality processes including anomaly reports, 5S labels, floor stickers, and incident reports. The pocket version of logbook sheets can always be on you.

Make autonomous teams through good internal communication.

In industry, carbonless notebooks encourage teams to take initiative. When a problem arises, the employee fills out an incident or anomaly report card and sends it to his team, informing about the event or issue. The report includes suggested actions for resolution or improvement. The carbon paper keeps a record for future follow-up. Because of their expertise in that process, they can then make changes to correct or prevent the problem. These sheets encourage team members to take initiative, making teams autonomous as they implement quality and continuous processes. The end result of all of this is increased efficiency and productivity in your company systems.

Visual management in a problem-solving process

Carbon copy forms notebook are available in many colors, each of which has a specific meaning. These meanings vary depending on the problem.


  • Gray = cleansing
  • Red = curative
  • Blue = prevention
  • Green = safety and environment
  • Yellow = quality


  • Gray = electric
  • Red = electronics
  • Blue = mechanics
  • Green = hydraulics
  • Yellow = pneumatics

Employees use cards to record issues with diagnostic fact sheets, 5S labels, floor marking, and incident reports. These quickly identify and resolve anomalies without losing productivity. In order to prevent problems from happening, management must implement this process so all teams are engaged in this dynamic problem-solving process.