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What are Magnetic Sheets?

Magnetic sheets are paper-sized sheets of flexible magnetic material that can be cut into custom shapes and used for 5S and visual management organization methods. Our magnetic sheets are magnetic on one side and coated with colored vinyl on the other. We offer 2 sizes—A3 and A4—and 5 colors—yellow, blue, black, green, and red—so the customization possibilities are endless.

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Why Use Magnetic Sheets?

  • Easily cut into any desired shape due to the flexible vinyl material.
  • Adhere to any magnetic surface, including metal cabinets, shelving, whiteboards, and refrigerators.
  • 100% customizable and versatile for uses including custom magnet or label making.

Various Uses

Create a more efficient and organized storage system for drawers, cabinets, and more with custom magnetic labels.
Can be used for designing shadow boards, tool organizers with colored placeholders in the shapes of specific tools to indicate their location. The shadow board is commonly used as part of visual management and the 5S method SEITON, or organization. By establishing a placeholder for each tool or piece of equipment, you can increase workplace efficiency and dramatically reduce non-value-added activities such as searching for unorganized or misplaced tools.
SESA SYSTEMS’ shadow boards have a perforated panel that includes colored placeholders in the shapes of specific tools. This organization method creates immediate visual recognition. Shadow boards can be used for both work tools and production parts, such as dies or prototypes.