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In an industrial setting, it is important to regularly circulate information, regardless of type (safety, environment, processes). At SESA SYSTEMS, we offer a wide range of products to make it easier to pass on documents to your employees, such as assembly guides or machine maintenance procedures.

Make it easier to access information for more independent employees

To allow your teams to work more efficiently, information such as procedures must be easily and quickly accessible. You can gather and organise your documents by workstation or unit. If you want to make documents available at each workstation, you can use the DOCAPOST 200, a protective case with two built-in folders. It is small, meaning you can attach it to your workstation or to a swivel bracket. This means the most important documents are immediately to hand. As production shop floors are often damp or dusty, the documents are suitably protected thanks to these protective folder cases, which are available with or without PET covers. This allows you to keep your protocols and procedures for long periods. If you want to create an information terminal for essential documents within a production zone, the DOCAPOST 500 is the ideal information point, with a significant amount of folders. It allows you to centralise a large amount of information and ensures your documents are protected. With 5 folder colours available, you can allocate a colour code to each type of information for more efficient consultation. For example, red folders can be dedicated to safety procedures, green folders to environmental procedures, blue to maintenance procedures and yellow to manufacturing procedures.

Shop floor writing desks to simplify daily information reporting

In addition to being able to check information, you can report daily information in the same location thanks to the shop floor writing desk. This product is ideal for people who consult hard-copy documents and need to be able to write. It streamlines the workspace by combining a document holder and an ergonomic writing surface. Depending on the available space in your working area, you have the choice of the following solutions for DOCAPOST information points and DATAPOST writing surfaces: on a swivel bracket, fastened to the side of the product using the aluminium grooves, on a fixed base or castors, and finally simply on your work surface. All these tools allow you to organise information in your working areas. We also offer a stainless steel version of our products to meet the requirements of industrial environments in order to respect health and safety standards.