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The standing computer station is used to hold various computer equipment such as a computer screen, a tower, a keyboard, a mouse, a printer or any other items. These computer stations can only be used when standing in order to improve operator posture when working.

The standing station dedicated to computers for shop floors

Thanks to its aluminium profile design, the surface can be adjusted to the desired height by the employee. With this workstation, it is easy to raise or lower the surface using a T-screw system. These different flexible surfaces allow you to organise your computer working space as you see fit. Whether you have a smaller or larger screen and a taller or shorter tower, this furniture can adapt to your equipment. It is also possible to make this standing computer station mobile by adding locking castors, making it easier for employees to move about.

The ergonomic benefits of a standing computer station

Musculoskeletal disorders (also known as MSD) are increasingly common within companies, and particularly on production shop floors. That is why it is important to use ergonomic shop floor furniture, and an ergonomic computer station is an example of this. The fact that the computer desk can be used standing means that the employee will rest their back, reducing fatigue and therefore potential MSD. Used for all types of situations, this mobile standing solution provides the necessary comfort to input computer production data.