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Document holders are ideal for quick access to your important documents

Document holders are practical and efficient products for displaying various documents

Discover the complete range

Why use document holders?

There are several advantages to using a document holder. On the one hand, documents remain visible without having to take them out of storage, which can be particularly useful for procedures or documents that are used on a daily basis. On the other hand, the use of a document holder allows for off-site display that would not be possible with other solutions.

An efficient and orderly classification

Even with business digitalization and the factory of the future, there is still a need to display printed documents in the workplace. Documents may need to be displayed in executive meeting areas, or simply for daily operations (such as monitoring machine maintenance or production planning). Documents are generally stored away in folders or binders which are themselves stored in drawers and filing cabinets in order to keep a clean workspace compatible with the 5S method.
Document holders and document pockets, though, are best suited for important everyday documents, such as lists of phone numbers, assembly procedures, catalogs or other types of documentation. Document holders and document pockets provide immediate access to daily-use documents in an organized manner. You no longer need to search stored documents, nor waste time taking them out and putting them away after use.

An “all-terrain” display

Most document holder pockets are either magnetic, adhesive or can be attached with screws. They can be adapted to any type of surface. You can select:

  • Magnetic document pockets for our whiteboards or other metallic surfaces such as machines or cabinets. This enables you to move and reposition them infinitely.
  • Adhesive document pockets are an “all-terrain” option: you can use them almost anywhere, including glass doors or wooden doors, for example.
  • Document pockets that can be attached with screws are generally suitable for walls. However, SESA SYSTEMS document pockets are also compatible with our own aluminum workstations, quality control stations, and whiteboards, which makes them very flexible.

SESA SYSTEMS document holders and document pockets, innovative solutions for all your needs!

We provide more than 500 options to store daily documents in holders and pockets. Document holders are a simple yet essential item to organize a successful internal communication strategy. They help to manage ideas and action plans following the principles of Kaizen visual management. Internal communication is often a weakness inside companies. Therefore, it is important to develop effective and rigorous visual communication. This includes identification of each equipment or area with magnetic titles and labels, colors, magnetic tapes and other types of magnetic accessories.
Lastly, if you need to make documents of any size available to customers or staff, you can use our brochure holders. If you need people to write on documents, our clip-on document holder is perfectly suited for this use. Whatever your need, we have a suitable solution and accessories!

Document holders are essential for the implementation of Visual Management

Visual Management improves performance, communication, productivity and safety at work. This approach is based on the transmission of visual information between all people involved. This makes document holders and document pockets ideal. They make it possible to quickly present information visually to any person that needs it, such as procedures. Therefore, document holders and document pockets are an essential part of effective visual management, which is itself an essential pillar of Lean Management.