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Logistics is often defined as the management of physical flows to adapt resources to a specific need. In practice, logistics deals with the full cycle of resources from product raw materials to consumption. Logistic processes involve purchasing, inventory management, handling, and distribution. SESA SYSTEMS LEAN Manufacturing approach offers a full range of logistics products for companies to comply with their industrial environment.

A range of mobile containers and carts on wheels designed to streamline production according to LEAN MANUFACTURING principles.

With these products, operators keep work-related components and materials handy. Trolleys offer pre-selected trays to sort and organize operators’ elements. These equipments are made to avoid cluttering workstations, to improve working conditions, and support ergonomics. Reducing movements and unnecessary gestures improve human performance and workflows throughout the supply chain. Wheels make it possible to place caddies in the best location without any strain. Additionally, the ajustable height of electrical carts facilitates object seizing for operators’ optimal comfort. Available in different sizes, levels and options, these equipments are fully customizable to perfectly fit your business needs.

The LEANDYNAMIC, a smart system of dynamic racking to reduce production line length

The LEANDYNAMIC is a dynamic racking system using grooved aluminum profiles to fully adapt to your needs. This system arranged in the immediate vicinity of the production line limits heavy operators’ handling because of its "small trains". Eliminating unnecessary conveyors, LEANDYNAMIC saves , inventory and logistics costs by optimizing storage systems. By optimizing storage management, it allows the operator to collect needed material from the bins. LEANDYNAMIC is ultra-flexible and adapts to your workshop’s needs. Our account managers evaluate your needs in terms of length, depth, number of levels or bins to customize your LEANDYNAMIC to your needs.

Apply the KANBAN method and perfectly control your inventory and replenishment

The goal of the KANBAN method is to optimize stock management. Over-storage can increase production costs. A perfect stock management enables companies to keep the necessary production components while holding stocks to the minimum. To this purpose, SESA SYSTEMS offers tools to monitor inventory levels visually and intuitively. With products like the KANBAN FIFO Planning Support, the "KANBAN Launcher", or the "KANBAN Batch Box" and the universal cards coming with these products, you'll keep the perfect visual management, minimize inventory and meet deadlines. The "Just in time" production technique will limit waste and become a consistent part of the LEAN Manufacturing approach.