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The meeting table is vital to bring together employees and welcome clients. Meeting rooms are often sad and drab, and the decorative plant helps liven up the working environment or mark out spaces. These two items together create a pleasant and warm atmosphere in the workplace.

The high table will allow you to prepare dynamic and effective meetings

A central element of the meeting room and canteen, the table is a key piece of equipment. That is why SESA SYSTEMS offers different desks to meet your professional needs: small, round or rectangular. They are ideal to arrange your communication or meeting spaces or canteens: the small canteen table can sit 3-4 people maximum; the Ø 1000 mm format meeting table is suited to 6-7 people when standing and the rectangular meeting table is suited to approximately 10 people when standing. Our meeting tables are made of a melamine sheet with a PVC edge, which makes it easier to maintain, plus anodised aluminium feet.

Refresh and liven up your space with an artificial plant

An artificial plant does not need light or water, so artificial plants are an excellent choice for inaccessible locations or places where there is limited daylight. Opt for an elegant decoration by placing a yellow rose tree or ficus in a meeting room or canteen. This will give a bright look and touch of happiness to your space. The design of the artificial plants meets very high product quality standards, resulting in a luxury product. Our artificial plants are made of real wood, and the leaves are primarily made of fabric, which gives a surprisingly realistic effect. Our 1800 mm ficus and 1500 mm rose bush come with a plastic stand (15 cm diameter black pot). This will allow you to place your plant in a planter or holder (soil, gravel, polystyrene, etc.). These products can be easily complemented with our adjustable panels and partitions also available in our Visual Management range. To optimise the comfort and well-being of your employees, you can also add standing chairs around the table. Discover our selection of plants and meeting tables for a successful communication space.