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5S storage cabinets improve the organization of your working environment

Storage is essential to keep your work environment tidy and clean. Storage also represents a good organization. Storage cabinets help companies organize properly. However, most storage furniture actually serves to hide items. Both useful and useless items are piled up. Therefore, it becomes difficult to find what you are looking for, and you can be discouraged.

Poste de travail industriel avec un siège assis debout

Transparent storage cabinets help comply with 5S principles

5S storage cabinets from SESA SYSTEMS, the leader in LEAN Enterprise, are recommended for offices as well as production workshops. The reason: they promote the Visual Management approach and correctly apply the 5S method :


Sort, eliminate unnecessary things






Standardize, that is, define your storage rules


Sustain the previously defined rules

These 5S cabinets are perfect thanks to their doors in transparent PMMA. Storage can then be organized intelligently. Frequently used items are shown on the shelves. For each item, a location must be defined. To define each location, you can place adhesive or magnetic labels on the edges of the shelves. This enables you to quickly find what you are looking for, and to maintain a clean and tidy environment.

5S workshop cabinets optimize your productivity

In the immediate vicinity of workcells or workstations, workshop cabinets with transparent doors allow operators to structure their workspace and optimize their various tasks. These storage units provide total visibility of the content stored inside. Since everything is tidy and in its place, the operator saves precious time and can work with peace of mind.
The use of 5S transparent doors cabinets may vary depending on the activity. For example, transparent cabinets can accommodate plastic bins and storage bins to store all the hardware necessary for production or maintenance workstations.
You can also file binders in transparent door cabinets, with important documents such as plans, assembly models, procedures etc. You can also use these transparent doors storage units as a safety cabinet, to store essential Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Several formats and combinations of visual cabinets are available from SESA SYSTEMS, to best structure your working environment and meet your requirements. Depending on your available space and your use, choose from two sizes and three models of workshop display cabinets:

  • a low version (height 48 inches) with 2 shelves,
  • a high version (height 77 inches) including 3 shelves with magnetic perforated back,
  • a tall version (height 77 inches) with 4 shelves.
Discover the 5S workshop cabinet

You can add shelves and adjust them to the height you need, by simply tightening screws in the aluminum frame groove: easy and immediate adjustment! The tall cabinet can accommodate up to 8 shelves and supports a maximum load of 700 pounds.
To set up maintenance workstations (TPM), you can add to your visual cabinet a magnetic perforated back to store your everyday tools. A variety of hooks let you organize your tool panel quickly and easily! The magnetic background also allows you to display instructions, using magnets or our magnetic document protectors.

What are the characteristics of our 5S visual cabinets?

5S visual cabinets from SESA SYSTEMS are very practical for checking their content at a glance! For more security and to limit access if necessary, our workshop cabinets come with a 2-point bolt key lock. As these 5S cabinets are designed for use in production workshops, they are robust and durable thanks to a steel base and an aluminum frame. If you work in humid and demanding industrial environments, we recommend our 5S stainless steel storage cabinet, which is available with 2 or 4 shelves.
If you want to fit out your office space, we also have 5S melamine cabinets in white color. Our cabinets can be mobile and move easily if needed, thanks to optional 4 swivel casters equipped with brakes.

Rigorous office organization with office storage cabinets

5S is a method that can also be used in offices. Designing a LEAN Office will bring high added value to your organization thanks to improved and more serene working conditions.
5S office storage cabinets enable employees to organize themselves better. Transparent storage enable them to work more rigorously. As with workshop cabinets, this transparent storage unit makes it easier to find objects (binders, files, supplies, etc) and offers instant visual management: a recommended approach for setting up LEAN Management in your offices.

The implementation of 5S in your organization does not stop with the use of transparent cabinets. To go further in the 5S approach, think of other solutions such as floor marking, which help you define storage areas, for example. To quickly identify each area in your factory or warehouse, or each type of item inside your cabinets, remember to use signaling banners. All these tools will gradually lead you to the visual factory !